Q1. How do I buy $WTF? A. You can buy $WTF through BodaSwap or PancakeSwap.

Q2. What is the $WTF Contract Address?
A. $WTF Contract Address is:


Do NOT use any other Contract Address sent to you directly.

Q3. Is there a min / max buy? A. No. We welcome all investors to our project, large or small.

Q4. What is the $WTF buy and sell tax? A. Buy tax is 13% (Slippage 13%)
Sell tax is 26% (Slippage 49%)

Q5. What will the slippage be when buying?

A. Buying on BodaSwap will be slippage free (more tokens for your money). Those buying via PancakeSwap, will have to set slippage to +13%.

Q6. Is there a tax for transferring $WTF to another Wallet?
A. No.

Q7. Liquidity locked?
A. Yes. 2 years. DxSale.

Q8. What is the total / circulating supply? A. 100,000 $WTF

Q9. Listing on CMC / CG? A. The application has been submitted. There is no such thing as ‘Fast Track’.

Q10. How do I claim my 2.29% Compound Interest Rewards? A. Your rewards will be automatically airdropped to your wallet every 30mins, 48 times a day.

Q11. Audit / Doxxed / KYC? A. We are completing a number of official audits. The first by ‘Audit Rate Tech’ has been pinned in the main chat. The remaining will be posted once finalised. The team will not Doxx or KYC at this stage. Please listen to previous AMA’s.

Q12. I am a $TIGGER Presale Investor, but I have not been airdropped any $WTF? A. Presale Investors of $TIGGER, are airdropped their $WTF in 4 equal tranches. Anyone who sold their first 25% did so without paying the communities sell tax and as such, the tax owed is deducted from the $WTF airdropped. You will need to wait for your remaining tranches to be airdropped your $WTF.

Q13. Does $WTF have any use cases to help within long term stability? A. We have multiple dividend paying utilities and partnerships either ready to launch, or currently in development. For example, our flagship NFT platform and marketplace PINFTAGRAM, will be launching 1st of May 2022. Holders of the native $PINFTAGRAM token, earn a share of the dividend on transactions.

Q14. How do I buy $PINFTAGRAM token? A. $PINFTAGRAM contract is not available yet. However, all $WTF holders, currently have a limited window (Closes 26/04/22) to swap their $WTF for $PINFTAGRAM at preferential rates as part of a Private Sale offer. Details on public sale and tokenomics will be released nearer to the go live date.

Q15. How do I swap some or all of my $WTF for $PINFTAGRAM? A. The Phase 1 Private Sale offer for Presale Investors has closed. Phase 2 Private Sale Offer for $WTF holders has begun. You have until 26/04/22 to send your $WTF to the address below, to receive $PINFTAGRAM at the Private Sale offer of 50 $PINFTAGRAM per 1 $WTF (Tokens airdropped before PINFTAGRAM goes live)


Do NOT use any other address sent to you directly.

Q16. I am a $TIGGER Presale Investor and haven’t sold any as I wanted to keep my VIP status. If I swap my $WTF to $PINFTAGRAM token, will I lose my VIP status? A. No. $PINFTAGRAM is within our ecosystem, so you retain your VIP status.

Q17. Is $PINFTAGRAM also a positive rebase token like $WTF? A. No. Investors in $PINFTAGRAM earn a share of the dividend from transactions. $PINFTAGRAM tokenomics will be released nearer to launch.

Q18. What is the marketing plan? A. We have instructed a leading marketing agency (Vitor Services). YouTube influencers have already begun posting, we have a number of AMA collaborations and press releases are due shortly with leading publications Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Money, Marketwatch, Digital Journal, Google News, Benziga.