Who is White TIGGER?

︎︎︎Changing lives one token at a time

How To Buy,

You can buy $WTF token through BodaSwap or PancakeSwap.





White TIGGER?,  

The Only Auto Staking and Auto Compounding Cryptocurrency token model you need.

︎ Highest Fixed APY

  • 1st year 388,888.88%

  • Subsequent year 188,888.88%

︎ Automatic Staking and Compounding in your Wallet
︎ Rewards are distributed every 30 minutes / 48 times daily
︎ NFT-VIP Tiggers lounge – limited slots available.

Who is,
    White Tigger
White Tigger Token 

Welcome to White Tigger ...  The only auto-staking and auto-compounding token that brings you on a journey to the metaverse, and introduce you the real meaning of financial freedom.

White Tigger Token

The power of,

The power of auto
compound interest

(with an initial investment of $1,000)


This is a prototype of the Limited Edition Presale Tigger VIP NFT

Exclusive for presale investors only


 Buy* Hold* Earn* 


Tigger Finance draws the inspiration from the newest innovations of cryptocurrency and DEFI by creating our own model Tigger Automated Stake and Compound model (TASCM).

TASCM offers a highly lucrative APY, rebasing rewards every 30 minutes.  Simply BUY * HOLD * EARN model allows you to manage your portfolio in your wallet seamlessly and watch your moneypot grow.


Tigger Decentralized Application (DAPP)

Multiple features to support your needs

︎ Dashboard to manage your portfolio
︎ PLAY to grow
︎ Guess the number
︎ NFT-VIP Tiggers lounge
︎ TIGGER Friends

 Personal Dashboard

Tigger Dash

Your personal dashboard:

︎ Check your portfolio
︎ See how much interest you have earned
︎ Work out how much to invest to earn a long term monthly passive income

   388,888.88% APY*

How much can I earn?

At the end of one year (365 days) and with $1,000 USD of $TIGGER invested.

You can earn up to $3,889,888.80 USD of $TIGGER at 388,888.88% APY*


*Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the RFV sustains the rebase rewards for 365 days.

 Tigger Love to Play!

Tigger Playroom

Offering a buffet of opportunities for holders to generate even more rewards and have fun along the way!

Playroom 01

Tigger Punt

A simple DAPP protocol for a quick punt to guess the direction of the price of a crypto token if it will go higher or lower (within a given timeframe.)

Playroom 02


A series of speculative games for Play to Win more $WHITETIGGER tokens.

Playroom 03


Pinftagram is a plug and play decentralised NFT application marketplace for artists and creators to mint their creations, set up a gallery and sell their creations as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Playroom 04


A program designed to provide rewards and incentives to our loyal hodlers

︎ Tigger VIP Tokens
︎ Tigger VIP NFT ( Membership Card)

︎ Tigger VIP NFT ( Play Card)

Playroom 05

WT Metaverse

Imagine a virtual monopoly boardgame where there are streets with many different shops and businesses coming together as a community.

Our community will be created as we introduce tokens with a purpose.

Each character in the group represent an area of business we are focused on with a targeted audience. In doing so, we have a targeted clientele that will become our user base.

This will allow us to move away from being dependent on speculative investors who are interested in short term gains.

We will instead provide an avenue for individuals, self employed, freelance partners, small and medium sized enterprises to have a platform to conduct their businesses and at the same time create a network.

This is our Metaverse.

Each token will be launched in a private sale open to our qualified presale VIP holders.